Love Them

There is a sign,

where heart always see your face,

in the room of lights and sadness,

from the night of star and moon,

we are,

together in piece, of happen..

of the unknown love,,,from the waiting lover,,,

for the sign,,of endless love…

Think that I am only a poor person, make me feel like this.Only love can laugh on me, never be affraid since I was so young. But you will need more courage if you want to do something bigger than just to become a lover, a girlfriend or just a boyfriend. Ah, so confusing. Love is confusing, “konyol” in the word of Indonesian.

Then why i hated,

for the one that loved…

beloved person only small things,

that i couldn’t reach her heart,

so then,

never change to become a chicken,,,

so realize,,

just, wouldn’t reach the limit,,,

Today, the best day when I see again my father and mother love and smile. See that my brother have grown up, ma lil brother. I love them very much, not only because they are my family, but because they are the only person that believe me in any matter. To be honestly, I hate people hwo judge people only from what they have heard, even they never try to find out, and never talking to me, no prove. Heaaa,.,.,,life such like this, I need courage from even every smile I got. ^_^

there is something I couldn’t understand,

something weird I cannot reach,,

just blame on the morning side,,

and have blamed when dreaming,,,


no matter what,,,

love them very much,

much happening till the end of heir smile, and their sadness.



One thought on “Love Them

  1. love my bundo n ayah too….


    Agree with ur statment…”hate people who jugde people from what they heard..”
    Pittypull bgt yaakk…

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